Beldent, Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Stage Experiment ‘Disproving’ Gum-Chewing Stigma

By Erik Oster 

I’m not sure where the “myth” that gum-chewing gives a bad impression comes from, but Beldent and Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi set out to disprove it in a social experiment called “Almost Identical,” which was conducted October 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires.

The experiment, conducted under the assumption that such a myth exists, employed five pairs of identical twins. Each pair of twins were dressed and presented identically, with the only difference being that one of the twins was chewing gum. Onlookers were then asked a series of questions about their impressions of the twins, ranging from “Which one seems like he has more friends?” to “Which of these bosses would give you a raise?” to “Which one has a better sex life?” The gum-chewing twin received the more positive answer 73% of the time. Beldent would like that to mean that they’ve proven that “chewing gum doesn’t give a bad impression” but, rather, does the opposite. Obviously, that’s extrapolating a bit much from the limited survey, but this is marketing, not social science. I just feel bad for the twins that had to chew gum all day. That must have been hell on their jaws. Credits after the jump.CREDITS:




Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi

Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff / Mariano Serkin

Creative Directors : Juan Pablo Lufrano / Ariel Serkin / Ammiel Fazzari / Matias Eusebi 

Agency Producers: Adrian Aspani / Consuelo Gimenez Uriburu

Account team: Ana Bogni / Oriana San Martin 

Planner: Regina Campanini

Production Company: Agosto Buenos Aires

Directors: Diego & Vladi

2nd Unit: Pato Martinez

Installation artist: Guillermo Marconi

Executive Producer: Luli Krämer / Chula D´Amico

Postproduction Company: La Posta

Sound Designer: Tres Sonido

Music: Circle of sound

Advertiser’s Supervisors: Sebastian Genesio, Diego Serantes, Maximiliano Diaz, Victoria Feu, Angeles Curia.