It’s All About Who You Know: AethnaHealth Shifts Media Account To Digitas

By SuperSpy 

The latest in healthcare news – Athenahealth, a web based medical services company, has moved their media and planning account from TrafficBuyer in New York to Digitas Health.

Now how did it happen that Athenahealth shifted hands? Just how everything else happens. It’s who you know. Robert L. Cosinuke is the company’s new Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Cosinuke also happens to be one of the co-founders of Digitas. Nice. Nice.


Aethnahealth says that they are looking for the best people to handle their very interactive business and also said they haven’t inked a deal. BUT, we know that Beam and Digitas Health have been notified of this news, so just hold on for the official announcement. You know how brands like to wait for just the right second to drop their bombs (see: Starbucks and BBDO).

Meanwhile, Beam in Boston will continue to handle creative. Beam also just went live with their Virgin Mobile campaign called Gingerhead.

Interesting side note, Aethnahealth’s CEO, Jonathan Bush, is the first cousin of President Bush and a lifelong Republican. He recently told The Wall Street Journal that he voted for President-ElectBarack Obama. Why? Obama has said he’s interested in digitizing patient records and duh, Aethanahealth makes it money on medical technology services. That is their whole she-bang. It’s why the company is growing at a rapid clip and also explains why Aethnaheath is looking around for the right people to do their job. It’s their time to shine.

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