Who Stole the ADC Holiday Party?

By Matt Van Hoven 

When Jack Mello over at the Art Director’s Club e-mailed to let us know about the upcoming ADC holiday shindig, I was happy. Then I realized I will never be a member of the club because I don’t work in the industry. Sad face. Here’s hoping for an AdBloggers Club! Parker, that’s your cue.


Anyway, then we got an e-mail from an anon source containing some interesting info. Seems a few different groups of peeps have decided to crash the ADC holiday thang, and have even had the audacity to create invites…to crash it. Scallywags!

Silly wabbits. See exhibit A, above, from the yolksters at HappyCorp. Hey, at least they remembered to mention that it’s either $20 or an unwrapped gift. Notice the antlers? Well played, fakey mcfauxheads. The second, aka Exhib. B, comes courtesy RedAntler. The skulduggery of it all.

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