Is the Chief Insurgent Moving On From Advertising?

By Matt Van Hoven 

A couple of weeks ago, MDC announced that Alex Bogusky has been elevated to the newly created Chief Creative Insurgent position within the holding company. Nobody seems to know what that means (though apparently he won’t be running 32 companies), so Bogusky took to his posterous to lay it out, and hints that he’s accomplished everything he wants to do in advertising. Is retirement imminent?

“I had one seemingly impossible dream when I started in advertising and that was to leave the industry different than I found it. For people to be able to say, ‘It was like this before Crispin Porter+Bogusky. It’s like this now.’ I feel like that’s been done.”


Some key points about what he’ll be doing:

&#151 First off, he won’t be a global creative officer

&#151 “My job is to question the very definition of marketing and communications and corporate structure.”

&#151 He’ll write (another) book

&#151 Create MDC forums and seminars

&#151 Help put MDC at the forefront of [the nine gorillas] conversation

Where will the insurgent do all this heady work? From a bungalow in Boulder, of course: “My new base of operations will be both an office at CPB Boulder and in a little cottage in downtown Boulder which I’ve dubbed The Ivory Cottage. The name is a reference to the Ivory Tower. In the bible, this is a place of lofty thought. Over time, the term has come to mean thoughts and ideas too lofty to be practical or useful. My hope is that this cottage will be an outpost of lofty but practical and down to earth thinking.”

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