Is Holy Than Thou Nielsen Missing The Online Numbers?

By SuperSpy 

Networked Insights
released a study that says Nielsen’s ratings may be all wrong when it comes to online analytics. The customer intelligence company who measures TV shows across social media released their Measuring the Social report, detailing the top 10 television shows among online audiences as compared to Nielsen’s weekly television ratings. The company believes that Nielsen is failing to examine the “interactions” consumers have with brands including posting videos, photos, discussion boards and fan clubs.

For an example, Nielsen rated Two and Half Men, which according to them is (so unbelievably) the fifth most popular show on TV.
However, online, <a href="has “>Networked Insights says it’s numero uno, with over 65 million interactions backing it up online.

Okay. Cool. Someone should totally be tracking those interactions, but the TV ratings still matter. Just wait a month or two Networked. We’re sure Nielsen will begin tracking all that same data in earnest. They’re not so good at letting market share slip through their fingers.


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