Round-Up: Ad Blogs Pony Up On The Election

By SuperSpy 

In the last few days, many ad bloggers have written insightful commentary on the 2008 Presidential election. Here are our favorites:

From MultiCultClassics on race: “We should definitely celebrate the historic achievements, regardless of the final vote tally. However, please don’t insist minorities ought to pattern themselves after Obama. Why not request Madison Avenue reflect the general population instead? Additionally, let’s demand that the advertising industry’s ruling majority start acting like Obama too.”

From AdPulp on consumers: “Consumer marketers don’t inspire the passion or commitment that political movements do. A brand could only wish it had the type of “ground game” that the Obama campaign organized. But brands can mean something, and stand for something.”

From Make The Logo Bigger on honor: “While this was originally going to be about honor, the differences in the generations and a bunch of other stuff, it became as much about things you learn about your parents as it was anything else. Live a little and you discover things about them. While you always thought they were this great larger than life figure, over time they become more average, more human even.”

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