Internal Memo: UM Defended Charles Schwab Account Against ‘Every Major Holding Company’

By Patrick Coffee 

Earlier today, the trade press broke news that Charles Schwab has opted to stick with IPG’s UM for its U.S. media business after a review that launched in April.

A client representative declined to provide details about the review.

An internal memo from the agency’s West Coast president Karen Hunt does offer a bit more on that front—chiefly that all the big holding companies pitched and that IPG’s ad tech unit, Cadreon, will handle programmatic buying for both TV and digital.


Here’s the memo in full. The tip box is on the right if you have more information.

Hello UM!

I am thrilled to announce another great success coming out of San Francisco.
Following a competitive review, UM has retained the Charles Schwab media account.

Building off a nine-year relationship, UM San Francisco will handle integrated media buying & planning, strategy, analytics and ad operations. We will partner with Cadreon on programmatic digital and TV.

The Schwab review process included every major holding company, consisting of comprehensive deep-dive sessions on data and platform capabilities. In the end, UM won due to our superior talent, structure, pricing and capabilities. This was truly an example of Better Science, Better Art, Better Outcomes at work.

This marks another major achievement for the San Francisco office, following the recent global win of Columbia Sportswear. With continued success over the past 24 months, UM San Francisco has positioned itself as the largest and most dominant media agency in the Bay Area. I could not be more proud.

Please join me in congratulating our winning pitch team, led by Chris Portella, as well as the entire Charles Schwab team for continuing to move things forward throughout the entire pitch process.


[Pic via Charles Schwab]