Initiative’s Dedicated Amazon Agency Rufus Taps Two New Leaders In L.A.

By Doug Zanger 

Rufus, Initiative’s agency focused on Amazon, has hired two new executives to further bolster its position in Los Angeles. Sarah Robertson joins as head of Amazon/U.S., and Nancy Yip Ramos secured the role as head of entertainment. Robertson (pictured left) will lead the U.S. media business including AWS, Prime Video, devices, consumer, music, and more, while Yip Ramos will oversee Amazon’s entertainment portfolio, as the ecommerce giant continues to find its place among a sea of streaming competitors.

“I’m excited to have Sarah and Nancy bolster our West Coast operations given our growth in this important market. Both Sarah and Nancy are experienced media leaders that have a proven record of not only forging new ground but also inspiring their teams to do the same,” said Amy Armstrong, U.S. CEO of Initiative, Adweek’s U.S. Media Agency of the Year.

For her part, Robertson has over two decades of experience on both the agency and client side, coming over to Rufus from Horizon Media, where she was evp and managing partner. Yip Ramos arrives from Assembly, where she led communications planning as EVP.


“I’ve been impressed by Initiative’s clearly defined vision and roadmap for success, and I look forward to quickly putting that into action on Amazon’s behalf, working to drive innovation, growth, and increased collaboration across lines of business,” said Robertson.

“This is a fascinating time for the entertainment business,” added Yip Ramos (pictured right). “I look forward to delivering groundbreaking work and thought-leadership that pushes boundaries for the Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Original Movies accounts.”

A little more on Robertson and Yip Ramos:

Our curiosity in Yip Ramos’ musical globetrotting was piqued, and AgencySpy asked her a few questions about this interesting hobby.

AgencySpy: So where did this love of live music come from?
Yip Ramos: I’ve loved music ever since I was very young. I come from a very big extended family, and there were always people around. Music (on a Walkman) was the best escape! Seeing live shows took that love to a whole other level.

What was your first concert? How was it?
One of my first concerts was seeing Depeche Mode when I was 11 at the Rose Bowl. It was life-changing, to say the least. Experiencing good live music is incredibly euphoric for me. It feels like the molecules in my body change, and the music becomes part of my DNA. It’s my work/life balance.

In 20 words or less … best concert ever.
Tough question. That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child (although lucky for me I only have one kid).

Let us get this straight … you traveled to Europe and South America to follow Depeche Mode and Suede?
My vacations have usually been scheduled around live shows and trying to visit places I’ve never been before (or love going back to). On Depeche Mode’s last tour, I went to Mexico City, Rome, Paris and London. I was lucky enough to get to meet the band in Mexico City through friends.

Suede rarely tours so when they do, I head out to where they are (even if it’s just the lead singer and his solo music). Recently, I saw them in Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. I’ve also seen them in Mexico City, Manchester and Lima to name just a few. I had flown out to Santiago, Chile for a show but it was canceled the day I landed.