Independent Agency Troup Highlights Untold Stories of WWII for JFK Presidential Library

By Kyle O'Brien 

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has a special exhibit, “Service and Sacrifice,” which offers personal glimpses of a few of the Americans who served in World War II, including members of the Kennedy family and the untold stories of historically marginalized communities, including people of color and women, and how they relate to today.

To help promote the exhibit, independent agency Troup was tasked by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation to create an integrated campaign that encapsulates some of these stories.


“Our assignment was to make history relevant to today’s world and issues,” said Matt Dimmer, chief creative officer at Troup in a statement. “It’s interesting to see how the generations are linked by the struggle for equality and the struggle for recognition,” added Dimmer. This campaign suggests a link through history, connecting the challenges from the past to those that remain today.”

The OOH ads will greet tourists at or near popular destinations such as the Boston Aquarium and Logan Airport and connect with local residents at commuter and subway stations with heavy public transportation ridership. Print advertising will run in the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine.

Television will air on local stations.

“Troup’s campaign captures the essence of the Service &Sacrifice exhibition,” said Rachel Flor, executive director of the Kennedy Library Foundation, which oversees the marketing and advertising activities for the JFK Library. “It’s building awareness of the exhibition and driving attendance to our museum.”

This was Troup’s first assignment for the Presidential Library and Museum. The campaign runs through the first quarter of 2024.