If You Didn’t Come to Party, Then You Should Go Home

By SpyWriter 

Rudely, David & Goliath out in LA threw what sounds like a sick ass party, (“Albino pythons, palm readers, karaoke and Ron Jeremy and more than 500 agency folks, musicians, actors and creatives attended the party), and they didn’t invite me. No thanks, D&G, I was busy that night anyway (crying into my pillow).

The party at the agency’s headquarters in El Segundo, Calif. had this fun bravery theme. “Guests were encouraged to overcome their fears in an inspirational and immersive setting comprised of different stages of bravery.” There was a confessional room with a lie detector test (Fear of the Truth), a snake charmer (Fear of Snakes), a speed dating section (Fear of Commitment) and a stage with a microphone (Fear of the Stage).


David & Goliath has a new brand identity consisting of a new logo, website (www.dng.com) and agency manifesto. They are also launching the Brave Foundation, “an initiative that aims to make a difference by encouraging people to be brave, initiate change, challenge convention and think smarter to be a catalyst for a better tomorrow.”

David Angelo, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer says that D&G “threw this party to remind everyone what David&Goliath is all about and how we’re different.”

I have snakes at all my parties. So what’s so different about that?