Horizon’s Supreme Idea

By SpyWriter 

According to Adweek Horizon Media has done something quite interesting in the way of product integration. They actually placed Guillermo, the security guard from the Jimmy Kimmel show, in the new Bourne Supremecy video game. They introduced the game on the show last week in a two minute segment that centered around game play. Their idea was to “capture fans of the film as well as the gaming community”. And Jimmy Kimmel is just the place to do that?

Joel Mayne, planning supervisor for Vivendi, says “This is about addressing media tonality. People will gravitate to media for certain reasons. If you have a better understanding of why they are watching those environments, or why they are absorbing those environments and making sure that messaging is delivered in the same type of tonality, there should be a greater resonation to messaging.”


Um, ok.