‘Ideas Man’ Floyd Hayes Puts You to Sleep for Yotel’s ‘Smartbed’

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s not very often that an advertising creative boasts about putting you to sleep with one of his campaigns, but in the case of Floyd Hayes, it’s the foundation of his latest work for the airport hotel brand Yotel.

With the epic, 30-minute film “Yawn” — which Hayes himself says is his “favorite project so far” — the self-proclaimed “Ideas Man” (who you know from well-publicized efforts like “World’s Fastest Agency“) is hyping Yotel and Serta’s new Smartbed while trying to induce sleep at the same time.


How? Well, creative director Hayes, with the help of award-winning director Scott Elliott and UK electronic artist/Yotel music playlist curator Tom Middleton, has unveiled a sprawling film filled with slow-motion footage of several people (including the CD himself) heading into slumber as soothing, Vangelis-style music plays.

Regarding his contribution, Middleton says:

“I’ve designed the ultimate sleep soundtrack using psychoacoustic frequencies, grey noise and ASMR whispering voice textures. Combined with ethereal dissonance, sympathetic pulse/respiration rate reducing bio harmonics and stochastic ambience induce pure relaxation and a deep, rejuvenating sleep.”

Because Hayes’s latest project — which follows his other work for the chain like an interactive LEGO installation — was designed to inspire yawns, it may be best viewed in the comfort of your bed.