IBM Turns Newborn into Cute, Snuggly Data Generator

By Kiran Aditham 

“Generative art” is the technique employed in this pretty IBM spot from Ogilvy NY and creative production studio Motion Theory, the latter of which used “mathematical algorithms to create dynamic natural patterns” according to the announce.

Techies and design geeks will likely salivate after learning that MT developed “a new visual language” and “built custom code” (via C++, Maya, After Effects, etc.) that visually translates raw numerical data including a newborn’s respiratory, heart rate, blood pressure, EKG, oxygen saturation and temperature readings into “motion paths.” The end result is “Data Baby”, which was directed by Motion Theory’s Mathew Cullen and also involved Pan’s Labyrinth DP Guillermo Navarro.


In a statement, Cullen says the challenge of the spot and IBM’s overall “Smarter Planet” campaign is “to strike a balance between artfulness and an accurate representation of technological data. It took extensive R&D and a unique production pipeline that included a specialized team of programmers helping to visualize mass authentic real world data sets.”

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