HZDG Shows Confidence for ConAir

By Erik Oster 

Baltimore agency HZDG recently launched a new campaign for Conair for Men, taking a humorous approach to while promoting the brand’s Flex Trim razors as instilling men with confidence. 

In “Your Confidence is Showing,” for example, a man in the middle of a yoga class speaks directly to the camera, asking, “Remember the time you accidentally put on women’s yoga pants?” before comparing the comfort of said yoga pants with that provided by the ConAir Flex Trim. By contrast, however, the Flex Trim “leaves a little to the imagination,” unlike the yoga pants (the camera angle, thankfully, does leave this point up to the viewer’s imagination). Another spot features the same actor multi-tasking by trimming his mustache and eating a turkey sandwich while on the toilet, while a third sees him share some advice he received from an old man. Each ends with the “When Life Gets Hairy, Get Confident” tagline. The attempts at humor, unfortunately, mostly fall flat, failing to adequately support the confidence message. Still, the unusual scenarios and different approach (although not entirely dissimilar from Dollar Shave Club’s brand of over-the-top humor) are an appreciated change of pace.

Advertised brand: Conair for Men
Advert title(s): Toilet
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): HZDG, Baltimore, US
Agency website: http://hzdg.com
Creative Director: Chad Stockton
Senior Art Director: Jon Leon
Senior Copywriter: Chris Minesinger
Agency Producer: Brenna Mathers
Director: Rob Markopoulos
Production Company: Alchemy X