Hyundai Rolls Out ‘Anachronistic’ Hybrid

By Bob Marshall 

Remember those huge cellphones? There was one point (maybe after watching Zoolander or something) that I thought phones would just keep getting smaller and smaller. Then I got an HTC Evo for Christmas, and wow, that thing is giant. I usually gain an audience when I’m texting people or playing games while riding on public transportation.

The nice things about this spot from Huntington Beach-based, in-house agency Innocean and production company O Positive is that it only runs for 30 seconds. While it’s a cool idea to juxtapose the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid with technologies of the past, this ad could have really gone overboard to the point that it would be easy to forget that’s it for a car. Mad props to director Jim Jenkins, though, for creating a quirky, anachronistic city that’s as unusual as it is charming.


Also, it sort of makes you wonder, how hilarious would it be if Michael Bay directed a silent film? Credits after the jump.

Spot Title: “Anachronistic City”
Client: Hyundai

Agency: Innocean, Huntington Beach
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Spiegel
Creative Director: Doug James
Creative Director: Robert Prins
Sr. Copywriter: Steve O’Brien
Sr. Art Director: Tom Gibson
Agency Producer: Shelley Eisner
Head of Production: Will Woollett

Director: Jim Jenkins
Production Company: O Positive
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer: Marc Grill
Director of Photography: Paul Laufer