Huge Is Hiring in Chicago After Winning McDonald’s Global UX Design Account

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy RIP Hugh Hefner Day to all our friends in Chicago. In case you missed it, Huge is in the fast food business!

At some point in recent weeks, the IPG network won McDonald’s latest agency review, picking up global digital user experience work. The best part about this story for “traditional” agency folks lamenting the viability of their professions (or the lack thereof) is that this is the second time in less than two months that Accenture Interactive has lost a McDonald’s pitch.

According to our sources, Huge beat out the mega-firm’s design division Fjord in the last leg of the review, almost exactly four weeks after Publicis.Sapient won a “digital innovation” (read: IT) review.

The IPG shop’s Windy City office will—for the time being, at least—share an address with FCB: 875 North Michigan Avenue.

We’re not quite sure where the job listings are, but we figure you Chicago agency folks can ask around. And who doesn’t want to “get paid for giving a shit” about burgers and fries and apple pies?

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