Howard Draft Betrays Furtive Cat in Snuggly Photo-Op

By Matt Van Hoven 

Does anyone know if DraftFCB was responsible for marketing Pound Puppies? If so, the irony will never end. Why? Because apparently Draft’s lead genie, Howard Draft, loves actual pound puppies. Well, their elder dog-friends as well, which is all made clear in this month’s Angel Tales (Site), a magazine about animal things.

We haven’t read the issue, but it appears that Draft is working to save animals in shelters. The Shelter Pet Project, as it’s known, aims to convince you that adopting a pet is the way to go.


Also, just look at the cat there in the background. Watching, stalking, waiting, a bit gassy, a bit gassy, watching some more until finally !WHOMP! punched in the head by a puddy tat. Or maybe he gets a hairball coughed up on his foot &#151 I haven’t decided.

Via, and @kgerk