How To Turn Email Subscribers Into Engaged Social Customers

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Email marketing has long been an important channel for brands to reach subscribers for their latest deals, promotions, and content. In fact, marketers sent over 838 billion emails in 2013.

But the trouble with inbox marketing is that it happens in vacuum…nobody hears it when a consumer “clicks”.

When you keep a consumer in a private platform to make purchase decisions- you are missing the opportunity to establish a direct dialogue with a potential customer – and their audiences. Thanks to the proliferation of social & mobile platforms, there are now best practices for turning your subscriber list into engaged social customers.


By giving your email subscribers an opportunity to respond publicly via social channels – you can take your silent subscribers and turn them into engaged social participants who then spread your branded message to their audiences. When you give subscribers the ability to respond to a private email offer directly on social media- you dramatically increase your reach and amplification. Emerging technology now allows brands to then directly reach out to those interested consumers with the resources to complete a conversion.


How does this work?

By adding a Click-to-Tweet button or a direct social call-to-action within your emails, you allow people to engage in a public way and get something back from your brand directly. This can happen in many ways:

Product Offering:

“Want to try out our newest product? To get 50% off just post with #Try and #NewProduct for your exclusive offer.

Access to Content:

“Be the first to see the blockbuster trailer! Just post #Gimme #MovieTrailer on social and get instant access.”


Want to enter to win a new wardrobe from us? [Click to Tweet]

On social: “I’m entered to #win a new wardrobe from #GreatBrand”

It’s clear that consumers are willing to participate with a brand in social media – especially when they feel valued or are able to get something in return. By giving them a venue to open up direct dialogue and say what they are interested in- you are setting them up to be a satisfied brand advocate.


Brand benefits of activating your emails for Social Response

  1. Connect email addresses to Social IDs to better understand your customers
  2. Amplify your brand message by moving from private to public forums.
  3. Drive positive brand sentiment from email subscribers who are happy to participate

Subscribers - engagers

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