Cheil, Anton Jøsef Forge Goofiness for New Samsung Spot

By Erik Oster 

Cheil Communications and Harpoon Pictures’ director Anton Jøsef introduce the new Samsung Galaxy Duos with the new spot, “Forged.”

The 38-second spot, “alludes to the elemental power, the dexterous usability and the high-end performance that is wrought in the heart of the Galaxy S Duos.” If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it kind of is. “Forged” opens on a blacksmith hammering away intently. The creation that “emerges from a fiery crucible, backed by an explosion of intense flames” is the new Samsung Galaxy Duos. That’s right, a blacksmith crafted phone. We then cut to a guy in an office goofily holding up the phone while a coworker gives him a “What the hell are you doing?” look and cough.


So, “Forged” makes fun of the ridiculousness of its concept, making the majority of the spot a buildup to a joke that really isn’t much of a payoff, eventually ending with the tagline “Forged with features” without telling us what those features are. Needless to say, this direction is a bit perplexing. The Galaxy S Duos, by the way, “allows users to keep their work and personal calls separate while also providing better coverage and a stronger signal” — which sounds an awful lot like a feature you would want to highlight in an advertising campaign. Stick around for credits after the jump.


Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Communications
Creative Director: Geoff O’Dizon
Art Director: Beaux Flamiano
Art Director: Dan Cyril Torres
Agency Producer: Irene Chingcuangco
Client Services: Georgette T. Barrera
Production Company: Abracadbra
Producer: Lace Lecap
VFX: Riot
Sound Design: Blue Sound & Music