How to BS Your Way Into an Internship at Dieste

By Erik Oster 

Dieste, the multicultural Omnicom agency which we hear might be making some ads for Miller Lite very soon, is calling on interested students to BS their way into its internship program. 

“BS @ Dieste” was created by the agency’s youngest talent, and calls on students to apply to “Be InternS” at Dieste. Narrated by a computer program, the spot takes a humorous approach in calling out to viewers to “BS your way into Dieste’s internship program,” promising the agency has “all the BS you need to make your BS more comfortable.” With a foot in the door, some of these interns could even go on to win BS awards some day. 

Calls for submissions to internship programs can be insufferably dull and Dieste is not the first, or last, agency to employ such attention-grabbing methods of standing out from the pack. The application process begins on social media, with prospective interns having from March 14 – April 1 to submit their “masterpieces on Dieste’s Facebook page,” with a multidisciplinary group choosing from submissions by mid-April. 

“We want to reach out to the young and talented, those free-spirit ad students who speak up, the ones who are not afraid of calling out BS and rather help us break the mold of the traditional ad agency,” explains Dieste chief creative officer Ciro Sarmiento. “Our industry still suffers with the BS stigma and honestly we all know why. But instead of fighting it, we decided to embrace it by making fun of it in a provocative and creative way. It is a way to attract young talent, curious and open- mind students. We want to encourage them to ‘call out’ the BS and really reward those who go the extra mile by stepping outside of their cliché comfort zone.”