180 Amsterdam Talks Life, Fairness and Coffee

By Erik Oster 

180 Amsterdam launched a new European campaign for Moyee FairChain coffee exploring the unfairness of the universe entitled “Moyee is Fairer Than Life.”

“End of Days,” for example, takes an existential look at the inevitable end to all existence, erasing all human accomplishments. Opening with the line, “It’s unfair that every thing human being have strived to achieve will one day be wiped out,” eventually pivoting on the (intentionally) abrupt transition “But Moyee FairChain coffee is fairer than that. It leaves fifty percent more of its proceeds in the hands of local coffee growers and it’s delicious.” It’s a nice change of pace from the typically serious, emotional approach ads hyping fair trade typically take. A second spot, dealing in the tired notion that aging rock stars can sleep with “any woman they want” isn’t as effective. If that vaguely sexist premise strikes you as offensive, well, 180Amsterdam and Moyee FairChain coffee probably don’t care. A pair of radio ads also deal in the controversial, such as a spot which says of atheists “If they’re right, they will simply cease to exist … If they’re wrong, they’ll be drowning in a sea of fire and pain while demons stab them in the face with pitchforks forever.” (Please, no one tell Reddit about this.) 

“A company that actually treats their coffee growers fairly is quite a serious thing, but with that comes the expectation to do something serious, or emotional,” 180 executive creative director Dave Canning told AdFreak. “We think using humor makes it stand out more, and therefore will be more memorable.”

“We love the guys at Moyee – they are brave, radical and want to change an unfair world,” said 180Amseterdam president and CCO Al Mosely, in a statement. “They are the guys who know the unconventional will help them punch above their weight. ‘Moyee is fairer than life’ is one of those ideas. We are proud to share a cup of creative ambition with our caffeinated cohorts.”


“Moyee is Fairer Than Life” isn’t the brand’s first unconventional campaign, either. Last year, 180Amsterdam worked with Moyee on “Under the Influence,” which saw stoners in Amsterdam coffee shops sipping the brand’s brew.