How Many Ball Jokes Can You Fit Into One Saxx Underwear Ad?

By Kyle O'Brien 

“Treat your balls well, and they will soar like eagles.”

That’s one of many double entendres in a slate of new digital ads for underwear brand Saxx. But lest you think this campaign is just for giggles, it’s also a promotion of golf’s quiet partners—caddies—as well as being a fundraiser for the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

“The Ball Masters” is part of a first-of-its-kind endorsement deal with professional caddies Geno BonnalieAaron FlenerJohn Limanti and Joel Stock. As the unsung heroes of professional golf, Saxx will provide a variety of ball-supporting and body-cooling styles for the caddies.


The fit seems natural for the brand and the caddies. Given caddies are experts at safeguarding their players’ golf balls, the partnership is a meeting of the minds when it comes to ball care. It also marks the first significant apparel agreement with multiple caddies.

“There are obviously fun synergies at play with this partnership, but my favorite aspect is that we’re able to recognize professional caddies for the vital role they play on the course,” said Wendy Bennison, chief executive officer, Saxx in a statement. “It’s exciting to know that our underwear will be worn by some of the best at their craft in the biggest moments of the golf season.”

So when sly comments like “stuck in the rough” and “protect our golfers’ balls at all costs” are bandied about, know that it’s for a good cause, as Saxx will donate $100 to the Testicular Cancer Foundation for every birdie made by the caddies’ players for the remainder of the season.

While caddies are generally behind the scenes, Bonnalie became a celebrity in his own right after starring in Netflix’s Full Swing.

“I’m fired up to be working with Saxx,” said Bonnalie, who caddies for Joel Dahmen. “Not only did they level up my underwear game, but they’re supporting a cause that’s close to home for many people, including myself. Here we go, Joel… birdies for balls!”

The deal will also include a “Caddie House” activation at the United States golf championship this June in Los Angeles. Saxx will host the four caddies at palatial digs in luxury, as well as host a happy hour on Tuesday for their fellow caddies, players and friends.

The Ball Masters campaign was conceptualized and executed by Saxx and Zeno Group in conjunction with Makers Sports Management.