House of Radon Takes Electrolux’s Tumblr Live

By Erik Oster 

Stockholm-based creative agency House of Radon is taking Electrolux‘s food-based Tumblr, “Now We’re Cooking,” live this April 22-24th for its over one million followers.

The agency will be live-streaming 15 different recipes from an early breakfast to a bedtime snack. It will have the “same look and feel” the site normally maintains, but with the difference that everything is being done live, with creatives grading everything in real time. This is no small venture, as “Over 1,000 props will be used to style all dishes and approximately 100 different “Now You’re Cooking” posters will be used in the live-stream.” Check out the teaser above for a glimpse of the campaign, and head on over to “Now We’re Cooking” on April 22nd to see how House of Radon pulls it off. Stick around for credits after the jump.Credits:

Client: Electrolux
Communications Manager Europé Small Appliances Electrolux: Henrik Freudenthal
Digital Communications Manager Europé Small Appliances Electrolux: Jenny Bäckman
Client Director: Lukas Rose

Project manager: Elin Johnsson
Art Director: Albin Holmqvist
Digital PR: Louise Ljungberg
Directors: Victor Köhler & Albin Holmqvist
Food stylist: Belén Vazquez Amaro
Copywriter: Samuel Sweetman
Developer: Philip Knape