DDB Creates Music Video for Hot New Artist ‘Antonin Dvořák’

By Patrick Coffee 

As part of a campaign called “The Classical Comeback“, DDB Brussels has created an honest-to-God music video to accompany “Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco” by hot-shit Czech star Dvořák.

What, you don’t think he’s contemporary? He’s only been dead for 110 years.

Cheerleaders, schoolgirl uniforms and timpani ahead…

That was certainly unexpected. Call it a professionally orchestrated K-pop video.

Some details after the jump.

It’s all about promoting a Belgian music festival called B-Classic. As the festival’s manager says in the press release:

“We want to make classical music cool again. We are convinced young people are interested in classical music, only they never get in contact with it.”

Director Raf Reyntjens proposed calling upon South Korean dance troupe Waveya to choreograph the spot, primarily because their YouTube clips garner millions of views.

B-Classic wants more of these videos, so it’s crowdsourcing the production process, calling on entries that are “short, relevant, respectful, disruptive, and proud” but don’t have nearly the budget behind this spot.


“…talks are in progress with MTV, TMF and other networks to distribute the film as a ‘normal’ music video.”

We would definitely like to see young viewers’ reactions when this one pops up.


Client: B-Classic

Title: Dvorak

Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creatives: Tim Arts, Stefan Van den Boogaard Account Director: Francis Lippens
TV Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt

Production Company: Caviar Brussels Director: Raf Reyntjens
Producer: Geert De Wachter
Director of Photography: Brecht Goyvaerts Dancers: Waveya

Editor: Helena Overlaet-Michiels

Post-Production: Caviar

Post Music: Antonin Dvorak