Hope & Glory Enlists Aid of ‘Party Animals’ for Sony

By Erik Oster 

London agency Hope & Glory teamed up with “animal perception expert” Dr. Anna Wilkinson, UNIT9 Films and director Cole Paviour to introduce Sony’s new GTK-XB7 home audio speakers with a group of furry friends in the 60-second “Party Animals.”

The spot supposedly showcases the results of “a study of music preference in canines and other household pets.” What’s apparent to the casual viewer, however, is a group of dogs, cats and at least one rabbit seemingly rocking out in slow motion to music on the home audio speakers.

Mixing sleek shots of the speakers, with the animals appearing to be blown back by its sound pressure (an effect achieved via air blasts) and dogs whipping their hair back and forth, the spot also makes sure to showcase the GTK-XB7’s “Extra Bass” feature with a shot of a cat resting on the speaker, moving up and down with the bass.


“Party Animals” ends with a long last look at the speakers before switching back to the aforementioned cat for one last shot.

It’s a pretty basic approach, but also one guaranteed to attract its fair share of attention (as well as views, likes and shares) from animal lovers of all types.

“Party Animals” is not going to win any awards, but we’re guessing it made the client happy and does a fair job of promoting the product. Showcasing the “Extra Bass” feature with a reposing feline was a clever touch.

Check out the “Behind-The-Scenes” feature below for more.

Brand- SONY
Agency – Hope & Glory
Director – Cole Paviour, UNIT9
Production Co – UNIT9
Music: Martin Garrix