Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Innocean U.K. launched “The Kia Catch” for Kia (video above). We still don’t understand cricket.

Twitter has given up on ever being a place where people buy things.

-Creatives Damjan Pita, Derek Evan HarmsFilip Williander and Clemens Brandt created Clemo, a food bot that recommends New York City restaurants. They based it on a “favorite foodie” who probably dislikes that word.


Don’t you love McDonald’s? Their first Facebook Live stunt was a Bob Ross tribute with an improv actor fake-painting Big Macs.

LAPIZ appointed Luciana Cani as its new senior vice president, executive creative director. Cani formerly served as a creative director with Leo Burnett Lisbon.

#Adulting is the latest annoying hashtag that your clients think will help them sell stuff to young people.

Y&R global CEO David Sable weighs in on the Facebook algorithm.

-New York-based production company Moondog Films added Justin Coit and Stephen Lally to its directorial roster.