Honeyshed, Droga5, JWT And 1M Kids

By SuperSpy 

JWT has a channel on YouTube that a selection of animated poem videos. The channel has 2, 467 subscribers and 114,120 channel views. The channel launched this time last year and administrator of the site last logged in six months. Animated poems. They’re cute, but really… that cute?

In contrast, Honeyshed launched their site in September 2007 and last logged in 2 days ago. The channel is full of youth related and sometimes sexy content like that which you are probably watching above. The channel as 14 subscribers and 1,143 channel views.


Sad. So sad. We almost couldn’t believe it, so we dipped into Alexa to see some stats (see below). Flat. Line. Honeyshed has always left us feeling frustrated and cold. Yet, we like Droga5. They’re at least willing to fricking try and if you don’t try… Droga is already dipping his hands elsewhere with his plan to use “1 million New York public school children as the genesis for a national media network on mobile phones to rival the big TV networks, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox.” Hot. Shit.

Bloomberg is all for it and the trial of 20,000 children who will get a mobile phones loaded with applications to use as a learning tool during school hours kicks off soon. “Cunningly, the phone also serves as the ultimate kid’s incentive scheme – free talk and text time outside of school hours are earned based on the individual’s level of participation and involvement at school.”

Now that is creativity. Get more info on the whole scheme here.