Honeymoon, Orgain Want You to ‘Get Picky With Your Protein’

By Erik Oster 

Honeymoon, the Boulder, Colorado-based creative collective launched by CP+B/Victors & Spoils vet Noah Clark, launched a new campaign for organic nutritional products brand Orgain, calling on viewers to “Get Picky With Your Protein.” 

A 60-second (or thereabouts) spot features a picky youngster explaining some of his food specifications: cheese must be cut into triangles, pasta noodles no longer than his pinky finger and, of course, his apple slice can’t touch his blueberries. His mother, he explains, isn’t quite so selective, downing a gross nutritional shake every morning. Mom, it turns out, doesn’t enjoy her morning routine and lets fly a string of expletives after drinking the gross shake.

The spot ends with the message that there’s a better way, and you can get picky about your protein with Orgain’s plant-based protein powder. “Get Picky With Your Protein” relies on the relatable premise that children are picky eaters (true enough) before contrasting that with the nutritious but, let’s face it, kind of gross things adults will sometimes down in the name of staying healthy, highlighted by mom’s foul-mouthed reaction. It makes a point of calling out the grit found in most of its competitors, a selling point for a brand which claims to avoid that unpleasant texture.

“We found great inspiration (and irony) in the fact that parents often hold their kids to high nutrition standards but fall far short of them ourselves. We want our kids to eat right, yet we as adults choke down products with awful ingredients and a bad taste without thinking twice,” said Clark. “Somewhere along the way we decided it was okay to put horrible tasting things in our body just because we thought it was good for us. With this video, we hope to let people know it doesn’t have to be this way.”