Doubleday & Cartwright, Blake Griffin Meditate on Transcendence and Pop Music in Red Bull Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

When we last encountered one Blake Griffin, he was recreating Top Gun, taking on the Jordan mantle and generally appearing in lots of ads.

Now he’s back thanks to the Red Bull 30 Days in L.A. music festival and Brooklyn/Los Angeles-based creative and graphic design agency Doubleday & Cartwright, which launched this new spot today to promote the event.

Will you be in the Los Angeles area this November? Do you enjoy the rarely soothing sounds of Pusha T? Are you a Red Bull Sound Select Member? If you answered yes to all three, then Mr. Griffin might like to help you achieve unity through transcendence.

“Learning is the first step … make sure you’re stepping in the right direction.”

In case you didn’t get it, the festival will run through all of November in Los Angeles and feature a bunch of different acts, many of which we do not know because we are old and snobbish.

The blog post goes into a bit more detail about how brand spokesman Griffin wants to get you all to go check out some music in southern California this fall. And for the record, his favorite type of music is “I don’t have a favorite, I have eclectic taste” and the most important person in his life is “my family.” We’re beginning to think maybe he didn’t write those himself.

Regarding the work, Doubleday & Cartwright creative director Nathaniel Friedman, who you may know as a Wieden + Kennedy veteran and sports journalist or @freedarko on the social media, says, “We wanted to poke fun at Los Angeles while landing in a deliberately bizarre place. This one was a fun one to make and it certainly helped that Blake Griffin is a natural.”

The campaign will also include some social elements and a blooper/outtake reel. The festival itself starts on November 1st.


Agency: Doubleday & Cartwright
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Amaro
Creative Director/Writer: Nathaniel Friedman
Producer: Adam Argersinger

Director: Mike Warzin
Executive Producer: Dan Fisher
Producer: Jed Herold

EDITORIAL: White House Post
Editor: Matt Wood
Producer: Michael Beltrame
Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter

Executive Producer: Phil Linturn
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MIX: a n o t h e r   c o u n t r y
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Colorist: Tom Poole
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