Holiday Doppelganger Helps Waste The Day Away

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Just spoke with the folks over at Union Studio, who tell me their concoction was indeed inspired by Yearbook Yourself. “We just wanted to do something fun,” said they. US creates interactive online marketing and advertising stuff.

A spy points to another of the numerous holiday microsites that have popped up this season; “Pho*Ho*Hoto Booth” is mighty similar to another we mentioned a few months back. The original is Colle + McVoy’s “Yearbook Yourself“, a fun little upload-your-photo and put your face on high school pics from the days of yore time waster. See exhibit A, which I made a few months back, to your left.

YBYS was a promotional piece for malls, and the run ended (for now, “school is out” until later notice, according to the Web site). Pho*ho*hoto booth is a just-for-fun kinda thing by L.A. based Union Studio (unionstudio dot net). Any harm? Meh &#151 only if you don’t consider imitation the highest form of flattery. Happy Holidays!

(Ed’s note: here we go again)

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