Ad Council and Toni Braxton Know the Odds

By Matt Van Hoven 

BBDO New York produced the spot you see above, in which singer Toni Braxton voices, “the odds that a person will spend 11 weeks on the top of the singles charts: 1 in 19 million.” Braxton goes on (in a calm voice), “the odds of having a child diagnosed with Autism; 1 in 150.”

Braxton’s son Diezel suffers from autism, and as such kindly lent her celebrity to the cause, an effort between the Ad Council and Autism Speaks. In all, $160 million in media was donated to the cause. Learn more at autismspeaks dot org.


Didn’t Dennis Leary just get in a heap of trouble over an excerpt about autism in his new book? Oh, that was awhile ago, and totally taken out of context (says Leary).

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