Hodor Faces Hungry Horde in BBH London’s New Spot for KFC

By Erik Oster 

BBH London launched a new spot for KFC U.K. and Ireland starring Kristian Nairn, who plays the character Hodor on HBO’s Game of Thrones, ahead of the series’ upcoming season 7 premiere on July 16.

The spot depicts Nairn as a KFC employee faced with an unrelenting throng of customers hungry for chicken and fries. (Wait, don’t they call them “chips” over there?) All poor Nairn can do is repeat “chicken and fries” over and over again, a nod to his Game of Thrones character, who can only say his own name.

Near its conclusion, the spot reveals itself as a promotion for the chain’s new KFC Ricebox offering, replacing the fries in “chicken and fries” with a healthier rice option. The spot takes a simple yet entertaining approach and Game of Thrones fans hungry for the premier have taken to the likable Nairn’s performance. Creativity reports the spot has racked up over 32 million views since its debut last week.

Client: KFC
Marketing Director: Monica Pool
Marketing Manager: Marion Racine


Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Creative Team: Alex King, Andrew Jordan
Strategy Director: Fernando Ribeiro
Strategist: Jill Cummings, Jack Colchester
Account Director: Jamie Bolton
Account Manager: Jack Howard
Business Lead: Beck Russell

Production Company: Mindseye
Director: Ben Taylor
Producer: Jonny Knight, Jack Howard
Executive Producer: Charlie Phillips
Post Production: The Mill

Edition House: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Phill Hignett

Sound Company: 750MPH
Sound: Sam Robinson