Hiscox Reactor Spins Out Generic LinkedIn Animations

By Jordan Teicher 

The Hiscox Reactor? Gee, that sounds fancy. Sounds like something a character from The Big Bang Theory would reference. It turns out that it’s not all that fancy, save for some elegant animation reminiscent of a Rube Goldberg machine courtesy of Tribal Worldwide NY. The gist: users log in to their Linkedin accounts and can follow a whirling red ball that moves through customized graphics revealing education and work history.

The experience is personalized in the way that asking a Magic 8 Ball a question is personalized. A finite number of combinations and animations have little use after the first watch. However, if you feel like watching the red ball spin – and it is a Friday, so why not? – the chain reaction may make you think about your winding career path that has taken many turns and dips. It didn’t for me, but it might for you. And it might make you want to purchase small business insurance from Hiscox, which is actually important. Or it just might make you wonder why a company would spend money on a custom animation gimmick that lacks value. Credits after the jump.


Executive Creative Director: Chris Ferguson

Associate Creative Directors: Josh McGuire, Hunter Simms

Executive Producer: Kolby Slocum

Business Director: Amy Elkins

Management Supervisor: Amanda Nettboy

Account Executive: Brock Horner

Production Company: MediaMonks (please see credits below)

Foley, Sound Design and Mix: Brendan Hogan, Jamie Hunsdale

Trailer Design, Animation, Edit and Mix: Aggressive


Jeroen van der Meer – Executive Creative Director

Tom Rijpert – Director

Okke Voerman – Post Production Supervisor

Dimitar Kralev – Lighting and Shading

Bob Wijgman – Animation

Paulien Bekker – Animation

Maxwell Reed – Animation

Ivo Diependaal – Modelling Lead

Martijn Grootendorst – Visual Effects

Sven Lamme – Machine Design

Richard van Dusschoten – Compositing lead

Melissa van het Spijker – Compositing

Sander van Wijk – Color Grading

Frank van Rooijen – Editor

Maarten Meussen – Music/Sound

Mark Knol – Site Development

Thomas Tilkema – Tablet Development

Bas Strien – Designer

Elbert Niezen – Designer

Brook Downton – Executive Producer

Arjen Warendorff – Senior Digital Producer

Thomas Bakker – Project Manager