BBH Gives Us Screaming Kids Set to Hardcore for Chupa Chups

By Erik Oster 

Chupa Chups, maker of my girlfriend’s all-time favorite lollipops, have a hilarious Halloween treat for you.

“There are creatures who live in your home,” begins “#MonsterKids Moments,” BBH Asia Pacific’s new spot for Chupa Chups, with what sound like horror movie sound effects in the background. “You’ve heard their screams…their ear splitting howls.” This is when they drop the horror movie premise and get to the heart of the spot: screaming children. As someone who has worked as a substitute teacher in kindergarten and pre-k classrooms, I can attest to how horrifying children’s screaming tantrums can be.


If you’ve ever heard a child in the middle of a meltdown and thought “I wonder what this would sound like set to hardcore music,” (and who hasn’t at some point?) the next segment of the Chupa Chups spot will be your ultimate wish fulfillment: a montage of screaming children set to hardcore. These tantrums were “gathered from parents far and near” and compiled in a way that perfectly fits the background music. It’s really hard to do the segment justice in words, as its hilarity must be seen to be appreciated.

While I can’t stress enough how I appreciate the spot’s humor and entertainment value, the parenting advice is not as good. “Protect yourself this Halloween with Chupa Chups” the spot tells us, before showing a parent giving a crying toddler a lollipop (just as the music ends). I’m no parenting expert (or parent for that matter) but I’m pretty sure rewarding your child with a sugary treat mid-meltdown is not the best idea. Nevertheless, Chupa Chups and BBH gain major points in my book for this one.