Highly-tuned Privacy Laws a “Potentially Scary Road” for Advertisers

By Matt Van Hoven 

Lynne Johnson is the SVP of social media at the Advertising Research Foundation. The ARF is paying close attention to the privacy issues concerning Facebook, and understands the implications of a more private system.

“The whole idea of Facebook is to be able to better target a consumer,” said Johnson, “so of course an advertiser wants as much information as possible.”


Though Facebook hasn’t proven it’s advertising model yet, she continued, it’s a prime opportunity for advertisers to really target. So if the Web becomes a closed network due to privacy concerns, “that’s potentially a scary road,” she said. “The ARF are not a lobbying group in any sort of way, but we have members that h ave advocates in D.C. who would look to work with Sen. Rick Boucher on (his privacy) bill.”

Lynne Johnson explores “How We Manage Social Media” in her upcoming panel discussion at Mediabistro Circus on May 20 in New York.

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