Hey Whipple, Jay Heyman’s Got a New Book on Ideas

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you haven’t read Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, you’re in the wrong business. But every now and then an addie puts together thoughts on how to do what we call advertising. And when it comes to idea formulation, there’s always a new way to look at the formula.

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Got an e-mail from Jay Heyman, co-founder and Creative Director of Porte Advertising in New York, where he’s spent 16 years making a living. Damn Jay, don’t you know that after two years you’re supposed to move to another shop? I guess he’s a bit more old school than the majority, but hey that’s cool with me.

So if you want to learn his tricks to success, check out, All You Need Is A Good Idea!, pub’d by John Wiley & Sons.

“Chock-full of illuminating case histories and real-world advice on how to hone and unleash the creative voice from within. Written with clarity and wit, All You Need Is a Good Idea! is one great idea, indeed.” &#151 O. Burtch Drake, President and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies.

To learn more about it, since I don’t want to spoil any more for you, check out Heyman’s blog. And don’t worry, no blogola here. Y’all just need to learn from the guys that have been doing this longer than you. This dude is one of ’em.