Hey Art Directors? You May Not Be Airbrushing Much Longer

By SuperSpy 

WWD is reporting that the British Fashion Council is working with London magazine editors to add labels to images, which have been airbrushed. I’m breathing the biggest sigh of relief right now. When I worked in magazines, male friends would swing by and I would show them airbrushed versus non-airbrushed photographs. They were shocked. I remember one mate saying, “God. She doesn’t look like herself.” Um… yeah… Check out Brittany Murphy above for an example.

Anyway, the British Fashion Council has said that fashion editorial plays a major role in perpetuating an “unachievable aesthetic.” Ya think? British Periodical Publishers Association is totally on board with the announcement that it will be holding a series of summits to discuss the possibility of placing curbs on digital photos.


You know what this means, right? Advertising is just a step away.