Here’s a Fool-Proof Way to Not Get Any Future Clients

By Matt McCarron 

Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you hate your job and you’re overwhelmed because half your team took off this week to take advantage Labor Day. Maybe you hate your job, half your team is out, you need work done but your creative department just got a new toy, and you screwed up your fantasy draft. That’s not too bad of a Monday. Things could be a lot worse. You could work for Eshe or Muckmouth.

Eshe streetwear recently came out with four new posters that are blanking the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, and are now available on t-shirts and skateboards. The Auckland-based agency, Muckmouth, is behind promotion of the “Religion is Garbage” cabbage-patch-esque campaign.


Presumably desperate for PR (even if that comes by way of threats to their office), Muckmouth developed extremely controversial copy to accompany the equally controversial images. To give you a taste, next to “Hole E Christ” is the line “Jesus bounced back from the dead like zombie.”

We almost feel bad noting the creatives behind the project, but since “Eshe and Muckmouth share a love of free-thinking, controversy and pushing boundaries,” here ya go:

Creatives: Nobjockey, Tatsie, Strange G, Dabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter

Check out the other images and copy after the jump.

H/t Ads of the World

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