Help Us Write AgencySpy’s Tagline Part 1

By Matt Van Hoven 

AgencySpy is entering toddlerhood, and what better way to compliment a developing snark-blog’s age than with a fancy new tagline? Right?

We sat around writing ideas down, mulling them over, scratching them out, drinking, kicking babies and scribbling incoherent nonsense. The best idea so far is the one you see in the image above, “All The Ad News that’s Not Fit To Print.” We made it ourselves via, and like the image you see your tagline could be the one that adorns our now semi-nude logo.


But this whole writing thing is tiring and clearly there’s room for more ideas, so we thought we’d open it up to you, because well this is what you do for a living and why swim upstream? So please, define AgencySpy in one line, and the winner may just get a prize (to be determined at a later date). If you want to be considered for the prize, e-mail us your idea with some kind of identifying info &#151 we promise to keep your identity a secret if that’s whacha want, but we can’t reward you if we don’t know who you are, mmk?

Ready, go.

Oh, and when there’s few good ones we’ll put them in a fancy poll and let you all vote on them, so this is part 1.

By submitting an idea, you hereby transfer and assign all right, title and interest in and to such idea to inc. and waive any right to compensation of any type for the idea, except for possibly a cocktail on Laurel. Also, please remember that you are responsible for whatever material or ideas that you submit, and that you, and not inc., have full responsibility for the materials or ideas, including its reliability, originality, and copyright. Mediabistro is under no obligation to use any material or ideas submitted to it and any and all rights to materials and ideas submitted to us become the exclusive property of,inc.

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