Super Bowl Round Up

By SuperSpy 

Is anyone excited about the Super Bowl ad spots this year? Anyone? While press releases from the brands keep coming, we’re pretty sure that no one is getting wet. And really, all of them are just what you expect big, bad, bland or just ridiculous. Here’s the latest round-up of news you don’t really care about:

Danica Partick, only kind of takes a shower in the GoDaddy ads, despite what you’ve heard. Watch above.

– Audi is putting the poor man’s Bourne, Jason Statham, in its Super Bowl ad. You got a copy? Would love to see it. Um, please?

– MillerCoors bought time for a one-second ad for its High Life brand during the Super Bowl broadcast due to an economic crunch. Okay. Well, at least this is one ad that Saatchi & Saatchi could just phone in. Instead, the company will be running pre-game ads in the days leading up to Da Bowl, as well as online ads mocking their rival, Anheuser-Busch’s for spending $3M on the big day.

– TBWA has convinced their client, Pedigree dog food, to run their first ever ad spot during he game. Wozee-woozer. What a groundbreaking move from the agency of the year.

We’re sure more news will be released in the run up to the game. However, advertisers better be sure that creative is darn special. According to Gallup & Robinson’s 12-year study of the Super Bowl: “there is a direct relationship between the confidence people have in the economy and the attention they pay to Super Bowl commercials. When consumer confidence is weak, recall is 11% lower than average and 36% lower than in good times.”

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