Have You Seen These Signs at Cannes?

By Minda Smiley 

If you were at Cannes this week, chances are you saw these faux road signs hanging around. Wondering what’s the deal with them? Didn’t think so, but we’re here to tell you anyway.

The folks at Zyper, a software company that connects brands with people who actually like them instead of influencers who get paid to pretend like they do, decided to blanket the festival with signs that use road signage parlance to warn passersby of impending influencer doom.

Two-year-old Zyper said it hopes the “Stop, Look and Listen” series of signs will drive brands to “reconsider spending money on influencers and instead focus on rebuilding trust with real people.” Cause real people are authentic, right??


Throughout the year, the campaign will apparently reappear in “unexpected forms and spaces” around the world. So yeah, expect to see it at the next industry conference you go to.

Considering the sad state of influencer marketing, it wasn’t a bad way to try and grab the attention of the swaths of marketers in attendance. Too bad Terri & Sandy’s #FreeDroga plea probably takes the cake in terms of Cannes publicity stunts, though.