Havas Health & You Bursts Into Song to Promote Its New Positioning, Recruitment Efforts

By Patrick Coffee 

The hottest musical show of the season isn’t on the Great White Way … it’s on Madison Avenue!

But first, no great Broadway production is complete without a little backstory. In March, the Havas network announced that it would mash up its Havas Health and consumer health practices to create Havas Health & You, a new entity involving several thousand employees within a few different networks across the larger Havas Group.

Newly promoted CEO Donna Murphy told MM&M at the time: “We see the market moving across the whole health and wellness continuum. It’s not two different silos.”


So pharma brands and OTCs will now be bunched together, kind of like when Publicis and Omnicom did the same thing last year. Now get ready to tap your toes.

That wasn’t quite Hamilton-level, but it was intense.

Oh, and Havas doesn’t just want to help you. They also want to hire you!

The launch coincided with Global Wellness Day on June 10, and Havas also partnered with charity Save the Children so all of its agencies could sponsor their own child for a week.

Then there were the parties.

Our main takeaway from this effort is that healthcare in America is like a big, weird-looking quilt composed of pieces that don’t really fit together, thereby leaving some gaping holes that pretty much anyone could fall through. And the medical professionals who spent tens of thousands of dollars going to school for this stuff really just want to do their jobs and serve the patients … by explaining the side effects of those medications they saw advertised on TV.

Havas Tonic made the videos. Now who was that Sinatra soundalike?!


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