Guy Trades Dignity, Respect for Lifetime Supply of Doritos Locos Tacos

By Jordan Teicher 

In exchange for a lifetime supply of Doritos Los Tacos, Tyler agrees to get a tattoo…of a taco…on his arm. It’s relevant because Toronto Taco Bells decided to keep DLT on their menus permanently after a trail run. Aside from the unintended sexual connotations of a taco tattoo, Tyler fails to realize that in a few decades, it’s possible that Taco Bell takes the tacos off their menu (though we’ve been told they’re “permanent” in Canada). Not guaranteed, but possible, and then he has a tattoo of an obsolete offering from Taco Bell. Tyler is maybe 50 or 60 at this point and thriving as an MP in Toronto. If this scenario plays out, does Tyler still get the tacos for life? Would love to get a copy of his contract.

The spot itself, from Toronto shop Grip Limited, is not as exciting as the idea behind it. Fairly simple, guy walks into tattoo parlor, gets tattoo, confirms stereotypes by saying things like, “I’ve been a fan of Taco Bell since I was ten years old,” even though he looks about 26. I’d have to imagine the kind of person who finds this spot cool already eats Doritos Los Tacos regularly, has half-serious plans to move to Colorado or Uruguay, and is probably between the ages of 15-19. If not, then I’ve really overestimated the collective common sense of humanity. Credits after the jump.


Agency: Grip Limited

Production Company: Sons & Daughters

Editor: Grip Limited

Post Production: Alter Ego

Audio: Grip Sound & Picture

Music: Imprint / Stock


Yum! Foods Inc.

David Vivenes CMO KFC/TB

Adrienne Chow Marketing Director TB

Veronica Castillo Marketing Manager TB


Grip Limited

Pat Andrews Associate Partner, Creative

Ben Weinberg Associate Partner, Creative

Julia Morra Art Director

Naeem Ghafari/Trevor Gourley Writers

Liz Crofton Agency Producer

Matthew Stasoff Social Content Strategist

Liliana Coimbra Account Manager

Melissa Swinton Account Manager


Sons & Daughters

Jake Kovnat Director

Joan Bell Executive Producer

Vinit Borrison DOP

Niva Chow Producer


Grip Sound & Picture

Duane Vandermeulen Editor

Paul Seeley Audio Engineer/Sound Design


Alter Ego

Greg Edgar Exec Producer

Jane Garrah Producer

Tricia Hagoriles Colourist

Andres Kirejew VFX



Imprint Music Stock