GS&P Alum Lil Dickey is Trojan’s New Spokesman

By Erik Oster 

Lil Dicky, also known as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners alum David Burd, appears in a new spot from agency Colangelo for Trojan Condoms. 

In the spot, entitled “The Big Talk,” Mr. Dicky neurotically delivers a rambling story about a friend of his who had sex with a girl in the bathroom at bar.

When his friend tells him that he didn’t use a condom, Dicky worries about the “potential consequences of that ‘you got up in that raw’ sex,” adding that one in five people have genital herpes and his friend could potentially go to work the next day with HIV. Dicky goes on to wonder how anyone can consider unprotected sex worth the risk of STDs or unwanted pregnancy, since “Condom sex is still cool.”

His straight talk approach is a definite change for the brand, trading promises of “barely there” thinness that are par for the course in the category for a frankness and honesty it hopes will resonate with young viewers. That’s admirable even if Dicky’s humor, which AdFreak describes as “like a cross between Woody Allen and Seth Rogen” doesn’t always hit the mark.