GSD&M’s Interview In Second Life

By SuperSpy 

Remember how I mentioned that GSD&M was pushing further into Second Life with their partnership with Metaversatility? Cybergrrl Oh’s asks five questions of Rene Huey-Lipton VP Director, Marketplace Planning Department for GSD&M Idea City’s Second Life initiative. Rene, by the way, is a very likable with her quirky avatar and affable personality. Watch the entire interview above.

Questions include: What kind of investment is Idea City making into Second Life? The dollar figure for the agency’s island is $25,000 with more spent on IdeaBots and other such Second Life things.


What kind of return is GSD&M seeing? Rene says intrigue, skepticism and relationships. She goes into more details, but that’s the skinny.

What are the metrics that the company is using to measure their program? Rene’s short answer – “viewer eye rolls.”

Is it worth being in Second Life is question four. Naturally, she says yes, otherwise that $25K wasn’t worth it. “Our purpose, for our company at GSD&M Idea City is visionary ideas that make a difference and we think that this is one of those.”

How much longer do you plan to be in Second Life is the final questions. Answer: “Last man standing.”