A new Second Life Kingdon (sp?)

By OnDownLow 

Yes kids… the title is spelled incorrectly for a reason (and not one of those fuck-ups you are so intent on pointing out.)

Mark Kingdon has jumped ship from the CEO of Organic, an Omnicom digital shop loosely aligned with BBDO, to become the CEO of Linden Labs, the company that runs Second Life.

Kingdon led Organic in rebuilding its business following the dot-com crash in 2001. He helped to win the Bank of America business and a few others and solidify the relationship they have with Chrysler.

The shop plans to begin a search for his successor immediately. Chuck Russo, Organic’s chief development officer, CFO Marita Scarfi and Jonathon Nelson (the previous CEO prior to Kingdon’s arrival) will serve on a steering committee until a new chief executive is named.

Unfortunately, joining Linden Labs at this point is like joining Napster after Metallica finished sodomizing them a few years back — the crest of the wave for Second Life was at least two years ago and there is nowhere to go but the inevitable fade to oblivion that is a couple of years off (look at the arc of involvement of Leo Burnett as a prime example of how worthless it is — there is no real money to be made for brands & advertisers.)

Best of luck to him!