Grip Limited Designs World’s Most Boring Arcade Game for Taco Bell

By Erik Oster 

Taco Bell fans north of the border have been waiting patiently for Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos to arrive in Canada. So to mark their arrival, Grip Limited designed an arcade game that made them wait a little bit longer.

They created a custom 8-bit “arcade game, called “The Waiting Game,” that “simulated all the excitement and high-octane action of patiently waiting in line.” Players could string together moves like “yawn,” “tap foot,” “check watch” or “chew gum.” The game was placed outside a Taco Bell location in downtown Toronto, and, soon enough, a line formed. To play a game about waiting in line. Since they aren’t complete sadists, Taco Bell rewarded players who made it through “The Waiting Game” by letting them be some of the first people in Canada to try the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, free of charge. You can see the promotion in action in the video above, and play on online version of the game here. Stick around for credits after the jump.



Client: Taco Bell Canada

General Manager: Adrianne Chau

Director of Marketing: Veronica Castillo

Brand Manager: Meaghan Baron


Agency: Grip Limited

Creative Directors: Ben Weinberg, Pat Andrews

Copywriter: Trevor Gourley

Art Director: Julia Morra

Agency Producer: Danielle Lyons

Account Director: Bryden McDonald

Account Manager: Kelsey Trainor

Account Coordinator: Olivia Zaporzan

Social Content Strategist: Matthew Stasoff

Technical Directors: Justin Krinke, Dylan Dempsey

Interactive Producer: Lucy Foster-Friesen

Developer: Tony Pilger


Production Company: Frank Content

Executive Producers: Michael Schwartz, Danielle Kappy

Producer: Tony Phibbs

Director: Brad Dworkin


Game Console: The Juggernaut

Creative Director: Craig Small


Illustrator: Jude Buffum