Grey New York Explores the Roots of Crown Royal in New Campaign

By Patrick Coffee 

You may think of Crown Royal as the market leader in Canadian Whiskeys with Fancy Purple Bags, but Grey New York knows better.

There’s a good bit going on in the company’s own (slightly inflated) origin story, presented in epic fashion by Grey’s latest campaign from last week. See, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Canada in 1939, three years after George had taken the throne…and Seagrams President Samuel Bronfman wanted to create a super-fancy whiskey to celebrate their arrival.

The rest, as they say, is advertising.


That was certainly epic, and we hear that Bronfman really did present the stuff (which was available only in Canada for its first 25 years) to the royal couple in a purple-for-nobility bag.

Additional shorts offer a bit of context and explanation. “Choices,” for example, lets us know that this was a labor-intensive project.

For example, there was “The Water.”

Then there was “The Grain,” which lived a modest life.

According to a book we haven’t read, Bronfman came up with the idea for the first “drink responsibly” campaign–and pastors everywhere loved him for it. The aforementioned book also claims that Bronfman’s true genius lay in “bestowing the glass coronet’s lordly sleeve – that purple velvet wampum bag of our lives.”

The brand is still best known for that bag, at least in part because the stuff inside it will not win any forthcoming liquor snob taste tests. But the bag would certainly come in handy as a place to store drugs and related paraphernalia if you were into that sort of thing! Not that we ever were.

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