Deutsch Celebrates ‘Grander Parents’ for Angel Soft

By Erik Oster 

This summer, Deutsch launched its “Be Soft. Be Strong.” campaign for Angel Soft with “Happy Father’s Day, Mom,” an emotional spot celebrating single mothers, which met with a divisive reaction among fathers. Now the agency has released another tear-jerker of an ad for the campaign with “Grander Parents.”

Like its predecessor, “Grander Parents” celebrates non-traditional families, in this case grandparents raising their granddaughter. If you’re susceptible to this type of sadvertising, you may want to get the tissues ready (or, we suppose some Angel Soft could do in a pinch). The grandparents explain that they took custody of their granddaughter when her father went to prison, before pointing to recent moments where she showed them that to her they were her parents (cue the tears) and concluding that they “don’t know what they’d do without her.” It’s hard not to feel at least a little bit teary-eyed from the story, but the ties to the brand are as weak as the ad is emotional. The agency makes the case with the concluding line, “Just when you were ready to be soft, you found your strong side too.”

Since apparently we need a reality check: this is an ad for a product you use to wipe your ass. We get that this is supposed to be an ad promoting “brand identity” instead of directly pitching the product, but (as trendy as such ads may be now) it’s only a matter of time before people tire of this style, which has already reached the point of self-parody.

Client: Angel Soft
Chief Marketing Officer: Douwe Bergsma
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Bath Tissue: Vivek Joshi
Senior Marketing Director, Brand Center: Shari Neumann
Senior Brand Director: Joe Stempien
Senior Brand Manager: Todd Wingfield
Brand Manager: Jeannie Chacko
Associate Brand Manage: Brian Harrison


Agency: Deutsch
Creative Credits:
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat
Chief Digital Officer, North America: Winston Binch
Executive Creative Directors: Karen Costello, Juan Oubina
Associate Creative Directors: Melissa Langston-Wood, Jamie Levey, David Castellanos,
Mariela Rueda
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Executive Integrated Producer: Rachel Seitel
Integrated Producer: Tom Meloth
Music Director: Dave Rocco
Music Supervisor: Eryk Rich

Account Management Credits:
Group Account Director: Rachel Nairn
Account Director: Lauren Pollare
Assistant Account Executive: Bianca Brittain

Account Planning:
Chief Strategic Officer: Colin Drummond
Executive Planning Director: Jeffrey Blish
SVP, Group Planning Director: Kelsey Hodgkin
Account Planner: Daniel Spadaro
Digital Strategist: Janet Shih
Social Strategist: Heather Schrupp

Business Affairs/Traffic:
Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilino Guillermo:
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Terry Miglin
Director or Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo
Broadcast Traffic Coordinator: Anna Brito

Chief Executive Officer, North America: Mike Sheldon
President, Los Angeles: Kim Getty

Production Company: Steelhead
Director: Eric Kaufman
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Associate Producer: Jim Brattin
Line Producer: Sean Cooley

Editing Company: Steelhead
Editor: Ian Paxton
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Associate Producer: Jim Brattin

Postproduction Facility: Company 3
Executive Producer: Ashley McKim
Senior Colorist: Dave Hussey
Visual Effects: Steelhead
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Director of Visual Effects: Austin Meyers
Broadcast Motion Design Director: Dennis Kang

Music: Score A Score
Track Title: “A Peace We Found”
Audio Post Company: Steelhead
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Mixer: Chase Butters