Grey London Presents a Breath of ‘Swedish Air’ for Volvo

By Erik Oster 

Grey London has launched a campaign for Volvo’s new XC90, promoting the car’s CleanZone air filtration system.

In fact, a new 50-second cinema/online spot focuses so exclusively on air quality that it doesn’t show the vehicle at all. Instead, viewers are presented with tranquil images of Swedish forests and countryside as trees and grain sway in the wind. Text gradually delivers the message: “Swedish air, our newest innovation. A unique air filtering system now available worldwide and in the upcoming XC90.”  The approach is understated to say the least, never showing the new vehicle and instead relying on the tranquil imagery to deliver the message of its innovative air filtration system.

In addition to the video, Grey London also teamed up with New York-based glass studio Off Centre to create a “Swedish air inhaler” offering users a long breath of fresh (presumably Swedish) air. The stunt will be used at dealerships and at car shows to highlight the vehicle’s superior air filtration system.

“At Volvo, our commitment to safety goes well beyond safety belts and air bags,” Peter Mertens, senior vice president of research and development at Volvo Cars, told Campaign. “It’s about making sure that every minute you and your family spend in a Volvo is as safe as it can possibly be. That includes breathing.”